[ssba url="https://www.navispace.de/m2m-challenge-calling-developers-to-submit-their-innovative-smart-energy-solutions/"]

M2M Challenge calling developers to submit their innovative Smart Energy solutions

The M2M Challenge, in its second year, is the leading m2m competition worldwide. Together with the title sponsors Swisscom and Ericsson and the sponsors Telit Wireless Solutions and VARTA Microbattery, as well as co-initiator m2mapps, the M2M Challenge is seeking cutting-edge energy applications among other categories, and will award the finalists with prizes worth over 160,000 USD. Read more
[ssba url="https://www.navispace.de/wt-innovation-world-cup-pleased-to-announce-allianz-digital-accelerator-as-new-partner/"]

WT Innovation World Cup pleased to announce Allianz Digital Accelerator as new partner

WT Innovation World Cup announces new partner Allianz Digital Accelerator The worldwide leading award for wearable technologies, WT Innovation World Cup, has a new partner: Allianz Digital Accelerator, a company of Allianz. The Allianz Digital Accelerator (http://digital-accelerator.com/) develops new digital business models and accelerates their execution and implementation within Allianz. Read more
[ssba url="https://www.navispace.de/recap-day-2-wearable-technologies-conference-in-san-francisco/"]

Recap Day 2 @ Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco

Recap Day 2 @ Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco "Standardization and interoperability are key factors and the reason why this market is already growing and is expected to increase tremendously within the next few years." Christian Stammel, Wearable Technologies Group The second day of the Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco started with Christian Stammel, CEO and Founder of Wearable Technologies Group. Read more
[ssba url="https://www.navispace.de/recap-day-1-wearable-technologies-conference-in-san-francisco/"]

Recap Day 1 @ Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco

Recap Day 1 @ Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco "We envision a connected world, in which everything in people’s life will have computing power, wireless connectivity, and a lot of sensors. Wearable technologies will empower people to have a healthier and more connected life style.” Read more
[ssba url="https://www.navispace.de/smart-world-event-wearable-technologies-conference-2013-san-francisco-a-huge-success/"]

Smart World Event @ Wearable Technologies Conference 2013 – San Francisco a Huge Success

With about 300 attendees the Wearable Technologies Conference — and Smart World Event — in San Francisco was fully booked, and a huge success. Two days of exciting speeches, panels, and interesting speakers are now over. Fascinating innovations were showcased, all kinds of wearable technologies presented. Read more
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