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Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup’s Database Closed

Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup’s Database Closed – May the Best Solution Win! It is done! The Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 2013 closed its database and it was a huge success. More contestants than ever entered more solutions, which goes to show how fast this disruptive wearable technologies market is growing – and will continue to do so. Read more
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IMPRESSIONS FROM THE MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE Building a bridge between the traditional subject of healthcare at MEDICA and sports medicine was the objective, and the MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE (Nov. 21, 2013) achieved this with great success. Participants from around the world were impressed by the quality of information, and by the topics covered. Read more
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Two weeks left to submit an innovative solution to the M2M Challenge Consumer electronics, one of the most profitable technology markets, is not only about having connectivity, but about redefining connectivity, especially with regards to M2M communication. Today, the most commonly used consumer devices including GSM chips are e-readers and personal navigation devices (PNDs). Read more
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M2M Facilitates Mobility and Offers New Possibilities

Only three more weeks for developers to submit solutions to the M2M Challenge Machine-to-Machine (M2M) enables all types of devices to be internet-ready and connected – from utility meters to cars, from e-readers to home appliances. Connected devices offer a wide range of opportunities for everyone from manufacturers to consumers, from entertainment, fitness & sports, or localization – with new Mobility solutions manufacturers and companies are able to connect with their customers and offer different services. Read more
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Congratulations to 10 Years of the ESNC and the Galileo Masters Overall Winner 2013!

10 Years of the ESNC – 2,400 Innovative Business Cases for Satellite Navigation in Everyday Life This year the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC), initiated in 2004, is celebrating its 10th edition. Christian Stammel, CEO of Navispace AG, participated in the project from the very beginning. Read more