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Healthcare and Security – Important Enablers for M2M Communications

M2M Challenge Looking For New Solutions in These Areas Healthcare and Security are two fields in which new solutions and technologies help improve the quality of life. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is key and new developments and innovations in both industries increase the data flow resulting in safer environments and better patient care. Read more
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Second Innovation World Cup All About the Cloud – Cloud Innovation World Cup Kicking-Off at EuroCloud Congress in Luxembourg

The world’s leading World Cup for innovative technologies is introducing a new competition: The Cloud Innovation World Cup will kick-off at the annual EuroCloud Congress in Luxembourg today, October 15. Most people think of the cloud as a large number of computers connected through a network – but the definition is changing. Read more
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M2M Challenge announcing new partner Engerati

The world’s leading competition for m2m communication, the M2M Challenge, is pleased to announce Engerati as a new cooperation partner. Engerati is part of the Clarion Events Group and an online Smart Energy platform. Launched in 2012 at the European Utility Week and created as a meeting place for energy professionals, it has since become a central destination for Smart Energy professionals to network, and access a growing archive of information, and an important voice in the power and utility community. Read more
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Smart World Event coming to Fribourg, Switzerland October 3rd

In cooperation with the Swiss research institute CSEM and the Alp ICT Cluster, the next Smart World Event will be hosted on Thursday, October 3rd at Au Parc Hotel in Fribourg, Switzerland. After the welcoming notes by CSEM SA and Alp ICT, the event will be split into three focus sessions: cloud computing, wearable technologies and m2m communications, with “Smart Energy and Smart Grids” as one of the main topics. Read more
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Smart World Event in Taipei October 9

  On Wednesday, October 9th the next Smart World Event will be hosted in Taipei, Taiwan, as part of the first Wearable Technologies Conference in Asia. During the Taiwan International Cloud Technology & Internet of Things Show (October 8-11) at the Taipei World Trade Center in Nangang, high-level speakers from leading, innovative companies as well as start-ups will present newest developments, exciting innovations and new insights into M2M communications, wearable technologies, and cloud computing. Read more