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WT Innovation World Cup pleased to announce Allianz Digital Accelerator as new partner

WT Innovation World Cup announces new partner Allianz Digital Accelerator

The worldwide leading award for wearable technologies, WT Innovation World Cup, has a new partner: Allianz Digital Accelerator, a company of Allianz. The Allianz Digital Accelerator (http://digital-accelerator.com/) develops new digital business models and accelerates their execution and implementation within Allianz. Allianz is an international financial service provider that offers products and solutions in insurance and asset management to approximately 78 million customers worldwide,

The Allianz Digital Accelerator introduces the “Evolve Insurance Award” to the WT Innovation World Cup to foster the development of smart wearable technology that will have an impact on safe living.

Bernd Scharrer, Co-Managing Director of Allianz Digital Accelerator GmbH says: “The number of applications related to insurance business is much higher than most people might expect. Therefore, we are looking for great new ideas that can be incorporated into the value chain of an insurance company, have the potential to add value to the lives of our customers and thereby evolve our business.”

With the “Evolve Insurance Award”, the company is looking for business model and service innovations. This includes innovative ideas regarding value propositions and value architecture, as well as revenue and cost models. Another possible angle is changing customer relations as well as affiliations to partners and suppliers.

The winning concept will be supported and championed by the Allianz Digital Accelerator team within the overall company organization, multiple country and business units, potentially providing a way to prove out a business model and product at scale.

For more information visit http://www.innovationworldcup.com/categories/

As of now, developers are welcome to submit their solutions to the Evolve Insurance Award. All contestants already competing in the WT Innovation World Cup are also invited to participate in this special category. The only requirement is the solution has to have an impact on the insurance business. If the answer is yes, they only need to answer one additional question in the database.

About Allianz Digital Accelerator GmbH

The Allianz Digital Accelerator builds new business models for Allianz and accelerates their execution and implementation within Allianz to ultimately better serve and build value for our customers. http://digital-accelerator.com/

About the WT Innovation World Cup

The Innovation World Cup was first launched in 2009. The world’s leading innovation competition in wearable technologies invites contestants from all over the world to submit innovative solutions for wearable technologies in the areas of sports & fitness, healthcare & wellness, gaming & lifestyle and security & prevention. This year the WT Innovation World Cup also includes three Special Prizes. An international panel of industry experts will select the most innovative products according to criteria such as level of innovation, marketability, and usability.

The WT Innovation World Cup is sponsored by STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Allianz Digital Accelerator, AiQ Smart Clothing, C. Schneider – New Solutions, VARTA Microbattery. Further partners include SIIA, Medica, ISPO, Continua Health Alliance and Wearable Technologies Group, as well as the regional and media partners Plug and Play Tech Center, Cluster 55, Taitra, Team Cote D’Azur, Comm4Innov, Innovative City Convention, CSEM, and AlpICT.

Submissions are accepted until November 30, 2013. For further information and registration, visit: www.innovationworldcup.com/wt.