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Smart World Event @ Wearable Technologies Conference 2013 – San Francisco a Huge Success

With about 300 attendees the Wearable Technologies Conference — and Smart World Event — in San Francisco was fully booked, and a huge success.

Two days of exciting speeches, panels, and interesting speakers are now over. Fascinating innovations were showcased, all kinds of wearable technologies presented. Attendees not only presented and showcased them; most of them live this megatrend by using more tech than only a smartphone. Every possible way for wearable technologies was represented, gadgets worn close to the body, on the body or in the body. Tanya Vlach for instance gave an inspiring speech on her prosthetic camera eye project, EyeTanya.


Attendees were impressed by the excellent organisation and the high-profile speakers and delegates. Richard Stokvis, CEO at Seconbeat and speaker at the Wearable Technologies Conference, said: “I would like to congratulate you on the excellent conference that was well attended by great caliber people and the organization was excellent.”


A more thorough recap of our event in San Francisco will follow next week.