The MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE will once again take place at MEDICA 2016, now for the 4th time. The conference has been THE highlight of MEDICA, the largest medical trade fair in the world with more than 130,000 visitors and over 4800 exhibitors, in the previous three years. Founded in 2013 the internationally established MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE has repetitively attracted great speakers and high-level attendees from around the world. With it’s main objective being the interdisciplinary exchange between international  sports  medicine  experts, professional  athletes  and  sport  techies,  the sporting goods and healthcare industries, the  cooperation  platform  of  the  conference fosters new exchange formats, new sport medical therapies, and innovative products for prevention, recovery and  population  health  management. This platform provides industry professionals a way to connect healthcare, prevention and exercise medicine with innovative technologies resulting in new and breakthrough advancements, the conferences promote networking with new partners, and to discover and develop new markets.

For more information about the 4th MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE, visit www.medicine-and-sports.com