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The excitement rises – M2M Challenge announces finalists

M2M Innovator of the Year to be unveiled by Title Sponsors Ericsson and Swisscom at the Mobile World Congress

Herrsching, February 17, 2014 – Machine-to-machine communication (M2M) runs like a thread through all areas of industry, work and also daily life. Smart cars, smart logistic objects, smart connected home devices, smart cooking and even smart teddy bears – everything around us is already part of the Internet of Things (IoT) or on the verge of being connected. The M2M Challenge for the second time was looking for brilliant, innovative and marketable applications and products for this emerging market – with great success!

After an exciting and intensive evaluation phase, the M2M Challenge 13/14 now proudly presents the finalists of the competition. With more than 250 submissions from 50 different countries M2M reveals a matter of great interest with uncountable innovations to be discovered.

The best ideas are going to be presented by the finalists at the official Award Ceremony at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 24th at the Ericsson stand. M2M Challenge title sponsors Ericsson and Swisscom, and partners Telit and Varta Microbattery will award the “M2M Innovator of the year” and the M2M Challenge category winners. ”We find it inspiring to encourage the creation of new ideas. The M2M Challenge proves that there are countless innovations and great ideas out there, just waiting to be recognized” says Miguel Blockstrand, Head of Device Connections, Ericsson.


The finalists of the M2M Challenge 13/14 are:

Category Mobility:

Smart Tank Telemetry by Sensile Technologies SA – a telemetry solution based on wireless (GSM) transmission in order to push automatically tank levels in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems of oil and gas companies.

BlueID SDK by Baimos Technologies – a technology toolkit for mobility service providers, app developers and device makers to integrate secure access and control features into their smartphone apps and M2M devices.

M2M mybeer automatic tank fill solution by swiss1mobile and CARLSBERG – a solution for hospitality and beerbrowers to measure tank values, fill stand, dual temperature, pressure and transmit the calculation values directly to the restaurants in an app and simultaneously to the central portal of Carlsberg.

Category Consumer Electronics & More:

Everycook by Everycook – a cooking device that takes in raw material and independently processes it to a finished meal. The intelligent device connects to an online recipe database to provide the user with a large choice of meal options and it links to his smartphone in order to guide him through all process steps that require manual action (shopping, adding ingredients, etc.).

Carriots by Carriots –  an application hosting and development platform, especially designed for projects related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine communications making it very easy to collect data of connected objects, store it and build powerful applications with few lines of code.

Changers by Blacksquared – provides renewable energy to power mobile devices and provides the first marketplace for private CO2 trading giving people a real incentive for eco-friendly behavior.

Category Energy:

Systech Modular M2M Gateway by Systech Corporation – supports the flexibility for plug-in software and hardware modules for ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G), Serial, Analog Dial, USB, Ethernet, etc. The M2M Gateway can be configured by the user/implementer with any combination of these technologies.

SMART HOME Plug & Play by ROCKETHOME – manages light, temperature and activity of all devices via smartphone, tablet or the web portal – all at a touch of a button. The user can communicate with his home anytime and from everywhere.

Intelligent Lighting Control System by Dazzletek – Wireless Dynamic Lighting Control to monitor, switch and dim public and private lighting projects in order to reduce energy usage for lighting. All system components are wireless and easy to install and deploy.

Category Healthcare:

Teddy the Guardian by ID GUARDIAN LTD – Sensor Teddy Bear to enable pediatricians, medical staff as well as parents in the later phases to have a clear, structured, reliable and frequent enough insight into essential health parameters. When a child holds the bear close and interacts with him, readings are sent to a tablet, smartphone or a web application making pediatricians job easier, results more relevant and children less stressed out.

Mobile Containers for blood transport by M2M Team Sp.z o.o. – a solution which gives people safe and quick access to blood with containers taking care of transport conditions like temperature and humidity and a self-checking function of power supply and backup battery.

Uwatch by Orus srl – Wrist gadget, working with internet and mobile phones but also including a connection with an operations centre, which, besides helping patients, can as well foresee remote medical consultation.

Category Security:

Suitcase Security System by Ericsson – room or area surveillance and security system by traveler’s suitcase. Secures vicinity and enables remote interaction including alarm generation.

FireFlag by Schmidt Productdesign – Fire alarm system which is wirelessly coupled with conventional acoustic smoke alarms and calls predefined persons in the case of emergency.

All traffic solutions by ThingWorx –  Smartapps solution suite allowing law enforcement professionals, as well as state and local agencies, to remotely monitor, manage and interact with traffic safety signs using a web-based application and virtual map.



About the M2M Challenge:

The M2M Challenge is the award in the field of machine-to-machine (m2m) communication. The innovation competition recognizes and awards new, cutting edge, and revolutionary m2m solutions. Developers as well as users are invited to register their solutions in one of five categories: mobility, energy, security, healthcare, and consumer electronics & more. An international panel of experts will then evaluate all entries regarding their innovative character, business potential, and usability. www.m2m-challenge.com

Title sponsors are Swisscom and Ericsson; other sponsors include Telit, and VARTA Microbattery. The international partner network includes m2m apps (initiator), Beecham Research, m2m Forum, TAITRA, Cluster 55, Team Côte d’Azur, Wearable Technologies, m2m Forum, Innovative City Convention, Continua Health Alliance, Comm4Innov, Innovative City Convention, CSEM, Alp ICT, Communication World, Plug and Play Tech Center, Engerati, M2M World News, M2M Alliance, Connected Home and Blogs Release.


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